Altstadt Vienna

The Altstadt Vienna is one of the most extraordinary and exciting hotels we have been to. We received the invitation almost a year ago, but it took us until we made it to Vienna.

The reason that led us to Vienna was the concert of one of our favorite singers – and as if the Altstadt Vienna had known that (of course they did not know it), they put us in the Opera Suite, a room based on music and in particular the classical Viennese music. But more about that further down.

The Altstadt Vienna is a boutique hotel in the heart of Vienna. It is located in an old patrician house from the early days, in which once was a small pension. It is actually a normal residential building in which ordinary tenants live, but that some apartments are now hotel rooms.

Vacant apartments of the house are converted into rooms and since the apartments are available somewhere in the house, you have to walk along some of the long hallways and corridors and cross several staircases to get to the room – which has a very special charm.

Each room in the Altstadt Vienna is unique, as each room was designed by another designer. Designer does not automatically mean interior designer, but much more „creative person“. This starts with architects and interior designers and ends with fashion designers and actors.

They are completely free in the design of the rooms and have only three requirements to fulfill:

(1) everyone should realize his idea of Viennese lifestyle

(2) the room must be cozy/comfortable

(3) the budget should not broken.

The results are currently 61 completely different rooms, all of which, however, reflect the Viennese attitude to life.

The heart of the hotel are the salons, where breakfast is served in the morning and cakes and tea in the afternoon. In the evening, the Honest Bar is located in the Red Salon.

The Altstadt Vienna is located in the popular 7th district, the so-called Boboville, not far from the famous Spittelberg. The 7th district is the hipster district of Vienna with many young, creative people, countless small shops, cafés and restaurants. Also located here is the Museumsquartier, one of the largest museum complexes in Europe. The Vienna Hofburg and the historic old town are reached in a few minutes.

Back to our room, the Opera Suite: A regular of the Altstadt Vienna has given parts of his huge record collection to his favorite hotel to integrate them into a hotel room. These classic records are now in a steel / walnut shelf with a beautiful turntable in a certain vintage look and speakers from the Austrian manufacturer mo-sound. In addition to the bed and sofa, there is the iconic lounge chair with Ottoman by Ray and Charles Eames. Above all that, the Metropolitan Luster by the Viennese manufacturer Lobmeyr provides light, which also hangs in a larger version in the Metropolitan Opera in New York.

How do I know this? Next to each room door there are a few sentences about the interior design to get an impression of it there is an QR-Code which leads you to a website with pictures (so you don’t have to rent yourself into the room to see the design).

The interior design of the Altstadt Vienna is so extraordinary and impressive that I recommend to everyone interested in design and anyone who just rearranges his apartment to spend a few nights there – or at least to make a guided tour of the hotel. This is offered once a month.