Shangri-La Far Eastern Taipei

If you travel to an unfamiliar city, you should have plenty of time to explore it. But if it rains heavily and the hotel you stay in is as impressing as Shangri-La Far Eastern Taipei, then it may be difficult to leave the hotel at all. Shangri La is very impressing in many ways. It is the tallest hotel of the city with 43 floors, the view from there is breathtaking, the rooms are very large and the service is excellent . We felt very comfortable so that we didn’t leave it at all for one day.

Just by entering the lobby you will recognize the enormous dimensions which include the entire ground floor. There, western and traditional far eastern decor meet and form a harmonious symbiosis. This is carried on through the entire hotel. For example, beneath the Italian restaurant on the 38th floor there are a Japanese one and two Chinese ones. We chose the Cantonese Shang Palace, and we can only suggest you to try the Peking duck, because it is even cut directly at your table.

There are also three bars in the hotel of which we especially want to recommend you the Marco Polo Lounge. It is on the 38th floor, its facade is completely glazed, young DJs present their music at weekends and guest barkeepers from all over the world mix their signature cocktails

The 420 rooms are furnished in the traditional Chinese style. They are bright and friendly and combine a modern touch with the decor of the 1000 year old Sung Dynasty. They are very spacious, have got a large bed, a desk and coffee tables. Each room has got enormous windows from where you have a stunning view over Taipei. Even by lying in the bathtub in the spacious bathroom you can see Taipei through the very big window.
We had a room in the Horizon Club. There are some advantages compared to the other rooms. On the one hand it is on one of the upper floors (we were on the 36th floor), on the other hand you have got access to the Horizon Lounge. There you can work in peace with a splendid view of Taipei 101. In the mornings you have the possibility to have breakfast there (but you can also choose from the large variety of dishes at the breakfast buffet in one of the lower floors of the hotel). In the early evening you can enjoy drinks and small canapes which are so delicious so that you actually do not need to eat dinner afterwards. When it rained so much one day, we nearly spent the whole day inside the Horizon Lounge in order to work and to enjoy the view of Taipei 101. The Horizon Club, in addition, has got its own reception where you can even have a late check-out.
The Shangri-La Far Eastern Taipei has got a spacious wellness and fitness area with sympathetic personal coaches. In addition, there are two outdoor pools: one is on one of the lower floors and the other one on the roof of the building. From the rooftop pool you can enjoy a fantastic view over the city.
As Shangri-La Far Eastern Taipei is located in the centre of Taipei you have a good starting position to explore it. But actually you don’t want to leave the hotel at all, because due to its restaurants, bars, pools, wellness area and its spacious rooms with the stunning view and above all the Horizon Lounge it has to offer so so much.