Townhouse Galleria Milano

After spending all of January on the road, in airports and in the wintery cold, I’ll admit that I was really looking forward to our weekend in Milan. TownHouse Hotels kindly invited us and a couple other influencers to spend a few days in one of their 5-star luxury locations: the TownHouse Galleria and the TownHouse Duomo.

If you ask me, Milan isn’t exactly the prettiest city in the world. However, there is an area that is arguably second to none in splendor and beauty. I’m referring to the quarters surrounding the famous Duomo and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. The latter is named after the first king of the Italian empire, Vittorio Emanuele II, and was designed by Giuseppe Mengoni in 1861. Since its completion in 1877, the Galleria has been attracting visitors to the Italian fashion capital from around the globe, mainly because of its many luxury stores and boutiques. The hotel that we were kindly allowed to stay at wasn’t merely around the corner of this city area – it was literally inside the Galleria itself!
The TownHouse Galleria has 58 rooms and suites, all boasting direct views into the Galleria. It’s sister hotel, the TownHouse Duomo, similarly has 17 suites with direct views on to the Milan Cathedral. Philipp and I had the chance to be spoiled with this unbelievable view when we spent another night in this sister hotel as well. All suites in the TownHouse Duomo were individually designed by different interior architects, with ours being very modern. The bed was placed front and center in the room, allowing us to wake up to the grand view out of the huge old balcony doors, and by the end of the day the sun drenched the room in a magical golden glow. As if cinematically entranced I spent ages standing on the balcony watching the musicians on the Duomo square below.
The first morning started off perfectly with an en-suite breakfast and few hours spent bumbling around Milan’s old town. Towards the evening we donned some finer attire in preparation for TownHouse Hotel’s first event, a champagne-tasting in the presidential suite of the TownHouse Galleria. We had the opportunity to try several different champagnes from Marguerite Guyot and Canard Duchêne, accompanied by some canapés to prepare us for dinner in the hotel’s own Ottagano Restaurant.
The next day we were taken on a personal tour through both hotels and had the chance to ogle all suites, none of which we could probably ever afford. The building’s floor and hall layout dates back to it’s original state, resulting in the hotel being an absolute labyrinth to navigate. The overall impression that we got was that everything appeared to be very intimate and personal.
This weekend in Milan was exactly what we needed right after the Fashion Week chaos; pure relaxation. We can consider ourselves extremely lucky, seeing that besides us the hotel only invited (very friendly) Italian influencers. The atmosphere around the group during our entire stay was incredibly nice and collaborative. Overall we simply had a great time and would take up any opportunity to return to the TownHouse Duomo or TownHouse Galleria in the future.