Kenting Travel Guide

Kenting National Park is located in the south of Taiwan. Its beaches, the always warm temperatures and rich flora and fauna make Kenting one of the most popular places in Taiwan.

Getting there

There is no train to Kenting! If you’re arriving from the capital Taipei take the high-speed train to Kaohsiung. Buses run directly from Zuoying Station to Kenting.
We took the path over the east coast. Via Hualien and Taitung we took the train to Fangliao. From the train station you go to the main road and then 20 meters to the left to the bus of the Kenting Express Line.

Kenting Street

There’s a bid diversity of accommodations in Kenting. There are luxury hotels, large concrete hotels, secluded holiday homes, campgrounds and countless hostels. We’ve been to Apple Room Hostel and we had the biggest room on the top floor. It has modern interior and a huge balcony with a great view into nature.

Most of the accomodations are around the Kenting Street (also Kending Road). This is something like the touristic center with many restaurants, bars, clubs and of course hotels and hostels. At night the street turns into a huge night market with so many food stalls that you have to stay for at least three days to try it all.

The Kenting Street is quite the opposite of our secluded station in Taitung, it is quite touristy and sometimes reminiscent of the hustle and bustle in Thailand – but with the difference that you see hardly see any Western tourists.

From Kenting Street you have access to two beaches. First, the Little Bay Beach, which is located in a small bay and has a very cool beach bar. Kenting Beach is much bigger. Although there are some hotels on the beach, it is very natural, without parasol stands, jet ski rental or bars … but also without lifeguards.

From Kenting Street you can reach all the other exciting spots in Kenting National Park. Although there are local buses, it’s best to rent a scooter. You find them literally everywhere. The electric scooter can be borrowed by anyone, for scooters with gasoline you need an international driver’s license. It’s not allowed to ride it with another person but actually the police doesn’t care.

Eluanbi Lighthouse

At one of the most southern points of Kenting there is the Eluanbi Lighthouse. It still lights ships the way today but the special thing about it is that it has a defense wall. The area is beautifully landscaped with viewing platforms on the rugged coastline. Perfect for photos.


Longpan is absolutely worth seeing. From the lighthouse the road goes steeply uphill (the electric scooter almost reaches its limits, especially if you sit on it with another person) but from the plateau you have a wonderful view of the steep coast to the sea. Unfortunately, all tour groups know this too. Our tip: If you see the first parking lot, drive another 500 meters to the next parking lot. From there you get to a deserted viewpoint.

Nanwan Beach

The beach of Nanwan is popular for its water sports. If you want to ride a jet ski, banana boat, etc. this is your beach. Have a look at the age-old, colorful tractors that pull the jet skis out of the water. Next to the beach there is a nuclear power plant. It’s quite strange to have a bath facing the huge domes but nevertheless it’s Nawan is Kenting’s most popular beach.

Houbihu Harbor

If you pass the nuclear power plant you will reach Houbihu. This is the largest fishing port in Kenting. South of the harbor the coast is very rocky and the water is very quiet so the place is perfect for snorkeling. Snorkel tours can be booked here in every shop or you can just rent diving goggles and neoprene shoes.

Baisha Beach

After another 10 minutes you will arrive at Baisha Beach. By far the most beautiful beach in Kenting. White sand, crystal clear water surrounded by green trees and parrots. It’s so beautiful that the movie Life of Pi was filmed here.

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